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Trump cancels Kim summit amid North Korea 'hostility'

Image copyright Getty Images US President Donald Trump has cancelled a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, saying the world had “lost a great opportunity for lasting peace”. He said his decision was because of “tremendous anger and open hostility” in a recent North Korean statement. The summit aimed to rid the Korean peninsula […]


Small NHS funding rise would be 'disastrous'

Health committee chair Sarah Wollaston says a funding increase of 3% will “not be high enough” to protect the NHS in the future. She was speaking after a warning from two think tanks that spending is going to have to rise very substantially on the NHS and that extra tax could be the only way […]

Collapsed carrot? Pathetic potato? Tips to keep food fresh beyond 'best before' date

Bank holiday warning over gardening and DIY accidents

High levels of screen time linked to cancer and heart disease


Uber car 'had six seconds to respond' in fatal crash

Image copyright Reuters Image caption National Transportation Safety Board investigators have examined the vehicle involved in the crash The sensors of a self-driving Uber car spotted a pedestrian pushing a bicycle across the road six seconds before killing her, according to a report. The on-board identification system classified her as an “unknown object, as a […]

Tech firms battle with GDPR privacy rules

FBI seeks to thwart cyber-attack on Ukraine

Uber to open Paris lab for flying taxis


Giant canyons discovered in Antarctica

Image copyright BAS Image caption The survey was undertaken to observe a region that satellites cannot see Scientists have discovered three vast canyons in one of the last places to be explored on Earth – under the ice at the South Pole. The deep troughs run for hundreds of kilometres, cutting through tall mountains – […]


How ancestors of living birds survived asteroid strike

Image copyright Phillip Krzeminski Image caption What the asteroid strike might have been like The ancestors of modern birds may have survived the asteroid strike that wiped out the rest of their kin by living on the forest floor. The new theory, based on studying fossilised plants and ornithological data, helps explain how birds came […]


Farne Island puffin population drop sparks concern

Image copyright PA Image caption Puffins are known as the “clowns of the sea” due to their colourful beaks There are fears puffin numbers in the Farne Islands are on the decline. Initial findings from the latest five-yearly count carried out by the National Trust suggested an overall 12% reduction in breeding pairs. The seabirds, […]