Coutts star banker in sexual harassment claims

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A star banker at Coutts, the private bank used by the Queen, is at the centre of a series of complaints about sexual harassment.

Harry Keogh was accused of lewd comments, heavy drinking and unwanted physical contact.

According to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, following an internal investigation, the chief executive recommended that he leave the bank.

Although he received a final written warning, Mr Keogh is still at Coutts.

A Coutts spokesperson said: “When allegations of inappropriate behaviour were made in relation to a particular team within the bank in 2015, an investigation was conducted into those concerns.

“The investigation found that within that team, standards had fallen below what we regarded as acceptable. Decisive disciplinary action was taken as a result. “

According to the WSJ, a senior banker, Gayle Schumacher, carried out the investigation of Mr Keogh’s team and was “shocked” by what she discovered.

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